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a good neighbour

- an urban, car-free furniture store with a hostel in the upper floors and a public roof terrace
at the briefing stage the client already formulated the aim: “we want to be a good neighbour”. querkraft’s response to this objective is shown by a building that also represents an added value for its surroundings as well as for a lively, ecological city offers.

exterior shelving

the outer shell of the building is reminiscent of a shelf. it is a 4.5 meter deep zone that wraps around the building like a shady shelf. it contains room extensions, terraces and greenery as well as serving elements such as lifts, escape stairs, building services elements or toilets.

openness enables interaction

the entrance level is a lively place - a space continuum with an intermediate level and retail areas in front along mariahilferstrasse. the continuous air space in the interior of the building invites visitors to also walk to the upper floors, which are connected by escalators. the roof terrace is also accessible to the public outside retail opening hours.

160 trees on and around the building

trees in the facade and on the roof have a noticeable influence on the microclimate. greening is the most important measure in the city of vienna's "urban heat island strategy plan.

centered + efficient building services

the building services are based on a simple principle - short distances and direct access. the infrastructure in the building is visible, which results in an increase of the experienceable space.

mix of uses through open floor plan

the prefabricated reinforced concrete columns follow a grid of approx. 10 x 10 meters, which allows a versatile use and design of the rooms. the adaptation to changing requirements is a simple one, which is already evident. on the lower floors you will find the ikea retail on the upper two floors is the jo&joe hostel with 345 beds. this mix has created a building that lives 24 hours 7 days a week.


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size26.200 m2
clientIKEA einrichtungen - handelsgesellschaft m.b.h.
project management IKEAconstruction: robert charuza, adela beganovic
retail und real estate: sandra sindler-larsson, stephan schneider
project architect querkraft

carmen hottinger (overall management)

sonja mitsch (technical management)


guillermo alvarez

veronika felber
isabelle hoepfner

stefanie klocke

ursula konzett

sonja mitsch

fabian partoll
maximilian quick

margarita shileva
johanna sieberer

ilinca urziceanu

michael voit

luise eberhard

julian link

lucia pum

raffael stegfellner

julia weber

anastasia wieser

team (competition)

claudia cikanek

gil cloos

julia hosner
fabian kahr

magdalena süss

theresa amesberger

peter hanna
meryl leyhe
carsten sibal
theresa steinlein


structural engineeringthomas lorenz zt gmbh
structural engineering (competition)werkraum wien
hvac engineeringrhm
cost management / tenderingwerner consult ziviltechnikergmbh
electrical engineeringtb eipeldauer
fire protectionfse
building physicsingenieurbüro p.jung
green areakräftner landschaftsarchitektur
future planninganja kirig
model constructionmattweis

christina häusler

hertha hurnaus

robert charuza

bernhard fischer


regupol - drone view

artists jo+ joe


dinho bento




EU mies award - short list

european property award - winner 'europe retail'

fiabci prix d'excellence - world gold winner

A3 real estate prize

london international creative competition - architecture 'build' finalist

IDA international design award - gold in architecture categories 'retail' & 'sustainable living, green'

luxury lifestyle award - sustainable architecture commercial development​​​​​​​

BLT build design award

the plan award 2022

bauherrenpreis 2022

retail innovatin award - instore concept

klimaaktiv gold standard

austrian logistics award 2022

international architecture & design award 2022 - commercial architecture built - platinum winner

architizer a+award - category: retail - jury winner

the green good design award 2022 - winner

BREEAM zertifikat excellence

greenpass zertifikat platinum

ICONIC award 'best of best'

german design award 2022 - excellent architecture: conceptional architecture

lafarge holcim award for sustainable architecture

rethinking the future award - commercial (built)

urban design & architecture design award 2022 - gold winner