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austria makes sense

in an age of omnipresent information, it is easy to find quick answers. it is difficult, however, to ask the right questions.

the austrian pavilion offers the necessary space to enter into dialogue with the essential questions for a common and better future. the viennese coffee house, which stands for interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange, serves as a metaphor. the austrian pavilion poses one of the most important questions about the future and gives a possible answer:

careful and respectful use of our earthly resources.

a calm and sensual space is created through a network of 38 intersecting cones. the dialogue between local building traditions and intelligent austrian climate engineering is seen as an opportunity. It enables conventional air conditioning technology to be largely avoided, saving three quarters of the energy needed for a comparable building, and thus making a big contribution to the energy debate.

through the careful use of local building materials, prefabrication and subsequent reuse of the pavilion, a sustainable attitude towards our throwaway society is demonstrated. the haptic structure of the clay plaster on the inside conveys natural comfort. the cone shapes easily develop an aesthetic between light and shadow that invites the visitor to linger and explore, contradicting the hectic environment of an expo.

size1.600 m2

austrian federal economic chamber

austrian federal ministry of digital and economic affairs

project architectclemens russ

fabian kahr

guillermo alvarez

konrad brack

verena fessele

fraym hannah

elisabeth hofstetter

maja karska

felix zitter

team (competition)

stefanie meyer

tim stahlhut

structural engineering

werkraum wien

wme engineering consultants

climate engineeringingenieurbüro p.jung
mep engineering

obkircher plus

wme engineering consultants

landscape design

kieran fraser landscape design


fire protectiondesign confidence
light designpokorny lichtarchitektur
accoustic engineeringdavid haigner
av/it engineeringwme engineering consultants
security engineeringwme engineering consultants
architect of recordswme engineering consultants
exhibition design

büro wien

ars electronica solutions

graphic designbleed vienna
cost controlvienna consulting engineers
visualizationpatricia bagienski
model building

modellwerkstatt gerhard stocker

design & function