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open working environment

a new working environment is created in an existing warehouse - it's a simple idea… after all, why destroy something when it's already suitable for providing spacious working areas?

a multi-level landscape of wood creates varied spatial situations. working here means joie de vivre, exciting lines of sight and open communication. the company's identity permeates the interior and exterior. users are immersed in a green world.

reuse and recycle

demolishing the huge existing reinforced concrete slabs would be an unnecessary waste of resources. we use them as the basis of our new working world. while the existing roof only requires a minor injection of additional insulation material. sheet metal panels from the exterior walls can be reused for the sound-insulating shelves along the highway. and by means of a new fully glazed facade, a light-flooded interior world is created. the storage shelves, in turn, which were once located inside the warehouse, are planted with greenery and serve as a sunshade that becomes more lively with each passing year.

carfree public space

the cars of the users are parked in the large, northern warehouse at low cost. its large air space is illuminated by simple light objects. the entire area is now used for cycling or walking. the design of the open space is cost-conscious and sustainable, because the existing asphalt is generously cut open and shady trees are planted.

phased development

this new campus can grow. the basic concept of converting existing warehouses is planned to be conducted in stages. there is enough space in existing halls for thousands of employees and even a new building can be added. a company kindergarten, additional gastronomic offerings and a fitness center can find their home right in the heart of the site.

statelower austria
size13.500 sqm
project architectvadim ghiorghiu

agata goleśna

sarah lützner

jonathan paljor

ivana susic

general planningwerner consult
landscape planninggreen4cities
building physicsingenieurbüro p.jung
hvackainer gebäudetechnik
sustainabilitythomas romm
fire protectionfse ruhrhofer & schweitzer
structural planningwerkraum ingenieure
modellmodellwerkstatt gerhard stocker