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a building like a battery


the design reflects the products of the varta brand - clear and pragmatic on the outside, full of energy on the inside.

the building fits seamlessly into the company's traditional location. the slender building volume avoids the tracks of the daily running production business, but is centrally positioned and visible from afar.

the new headquarters presents itself pragmatically simple, but reflects the high-tech development and production processes of the company through its structured, shiny silver facade.

the building is designed as a flexible and efficient block. this creates a long-term opportunity for change and adaptation to requirements of the dynamic company.

a symmetrical division of the building, the cores and the building supply creates maximum efficiency in accommodating all service areas while at the same time providing the greatest possible flexibility.

an active center with two-storey air spaces as the social heart of the building, an inviting open fire-escape staircase and open corridors create a connecting office landscape that promotes internal communication, exchange between departments and floors as well as the possibility of informal meetings throughout the building.

size10.000 m2

wertinvest beteiligungsverwaltungs GMBH

varta AG

general planningkoch architektur
general planning project architectmarkus lepschy
project architectfabian kahr

clemens russ

irene carles

giovanni d'anna

leila hässig

carolin macher

magdalena maurer

andres perez

ivana susic

johannes zotter

project managementteam conwick

structural engineering

IBK statikteam
building physicsingenieurbüro p.jung
electrical planningIBK kummich & weißkopf
fire protectionhalfkann + kirchner

office planning

tentus group
interior architecturebirgit wicklund messel