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expansion for a museum

in this project design the expansion of the stadtmuseum vienna is being showcased by doubling the cubature. problem: listed building.

a living house is created by merging old and new into a whole, communicative to the outside and inside. if there is a difference, the common is strengthened. colour, material and format of the inventory are quoted.

the exhibition rooms are selectively expanded to include 'viewing rooms'. these room extensions offer spectacular views of the city. therefore the house becomes a versatile tool for the exhibition curators, inside and out.

contemplative museum rooms are vertically connected by a stimulating exhibition and development room - the way through the museum becomes an exciting spatial experience.

completed (competition)2015
size13.800 m2
clientcity of vienna
project architecttim stahlhut
teamjohannes zotter
sandor guba
johannes qiu sicong
christian rübenacker
elena atanassova
structural engineeringwerkraum
visualizationmiss 3