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risk and opportunity analysis

for this design project there is a risk and opportunity analysis for a new building at the quartier belvedere site.

several variants were considered in the study - the angle variant shown here is an example of the possibilities.

the location near the belvedere quarter is in the middle of vienna. the 21er haus, the military history museum and the upper belvedere are in the immediate vicinity of the building site. below arsenalstrasse, a connection to the sculpture garden of the 21er haus is conceivable via lowered exhibition areas.

while at karlsplatz, in the event of a new building or an extension, huge conflicts of interest typical of vienna have to be overcome, the belvedere location is free of design constraints. architecture can develop freely here. the sensitive and limiting discussion of world cultural heritage will not be an issue at the new location.

the site is visible from the girdle. with a strong architectural gesture great attention can be drawn. an ideal museum can be implemented at the new location and compromises can be dispensed with.

completed2012 (study)
cityvienna 1030
clientMA21, stadtteilplanung und fl├Ąchennutzung innen-west, bezirke 1-9 und 14-20
project architectcarmen hottinger
teamjames diewald
kooperationmels crouwel