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home and offic

since corona at the latest, the home office has arrived with us. people are increasingly working at home, office buildings are more and more often empty and are being converted into residential buildings. working at home or living in the office? we think it needs flexibility in both directions. this flexibility should not only benefit your own home. in a future-proof urban space, networking is needed in the entire neighborhood. active ground floors with high transparency activate the urban entrance areas in the neighborhood.

flexibility on all levels

thanks to an efficient and optimized column grid, as well as the free play of the fa├žade, the building can not only be used as office space in various sizes, but also open up the possibility of future living. the entire infrastructure is relocated to the central zone of the building. necessary flight paths, airlocks and vertical connections are reduced to the most efficient and necessary minimum. the entire static system is designed to be dismantled, not only to enable this flexibility of use in the long term, but also in the interests of sustainability.

common appearance

the facades of the towers are clad in white textile sun protection and sliding elements. the textile structure filter to the park gives the buildings an elegance with a spatial effect and mediterranean flair. the green joints receive facade greening and intensively planted communal terraces with irrigation from rainwater and grey water. the uppermost roofs are extensively greened and covered with large-scale photovoltaic systems.



einszueins architektur

completed (competition)2023 (1st prize)
size33.600 m2

STC developement

project architectfabian kahr
team (wettbewerb)

lena bosch

ala elbizanti

carolin macher

mechthild weber

social sustainability


caritas stadtteilarbeit

structural engineeringdorr-schober & partner

climate engineering

MEP planning

ingenieurb├╝ro p.jung
water treatmentalchemia nova
fire protectionb-lab
cost estimationwerner consult
visualizationpatricia bagienski-grandits
model buildingmodellwerkstatt gerhard stocker