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community as the future


in a vibrant city like vienna, the tension between community and privacy plays a crucial role. the housing development at kempelenpark will allow residents to interact socially as well as retreat.

communal terraces - a platform for everyone
these areas offer space for joint activities such as barbecues, yoga classes or meetings with neighbors. this is where people from different walks of life can meet and form relationships that strengthen the sense of belonging to the entire residential complex.

pawlatsche - the communicative exercise zone
pawlatschen offer space for encounters and conversations. these open paths connect the apartments and create a lively, neighborly atmosphere - away from the anonymity of the big city.

vestibule - an open-use private area
the vestibule serves as a transitional area that preserves the privacy of the apartment and at the same time offers space for social interaction. residents can park bicycles there, receive parcels and chat with neighbors without opening their own apartment.

the apartment - space for retreat
the apartment is the private unit in which residents can retreat. here they can develop in their own space, work undisturbed, relax and live in their diversity.

new viennese everyday stories are created by paying particular attention to a balance between community and privacy. the entire building becomes a space for a community to experience these new stories.


completed (competition)2023 (winner)
size32.000 m2
project partnersgerner gerner plus.
project architecttim stahlhut
teamhanna riedmann
project architect (competition)hanna riedmann
team (competition)

stefanie klocke

tim stahlhut

simonas sutkus

ilinca urziceanu

model buildinggerner gerner plus.