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easy to use!

KEBA AG has grown rapidly in recent years, which is reflected in the company's new location at technologiering leonding/pasching. the design is open to development - in line with the 'easy to use' principle that also underlies KEBA solutions.

playing with possibilities through modular elements

the simple and flexible design principle reacts pragmatically to the functional and economic requirements. this clarity of the design in turn creates freedom for a high-quality and poetic implementation of a lively working environment.

the 'easy-to-use' concept is also reflected in the modularity of the design. individual elements can be combined, are adaptable for future changes and thus take up the needs of the users. the result is a campus that looks positively into the future, connecting, innovative and self-confident.

the technology campus shows its versatility on the inside as well as outside. on the outside, it is green and lush, the building deliberately fades into the background. it does not need to push itself to the foreground, because it is the foundation for what happens on the inside: the liveliness of the lush landscape flows into the interior, which is open, generous and connective; supporting the flow of information and enabling a creative field of development. the landscape design also utilizes the principle of 'easy to use' and is applied in a manner that creates various direct connections via circular forms, which enable a diverse network for 'walk & talk' meeting formats as well as active breaks.

the main entrance of the KEBA campus is friendly, communicative and spacious; the extensive greenery on the outside is carried inside where a representative two-storey atrium connects the entrance zone with the upper floor and the meeting rooms are located. while a dense, cooling forest oasis with a lush landscape of ferns and grasses is created above, providing a refreshing atmosphere especially on hot summer days and connects the two buildings. the two administrative zones meet at this entry point, they connect the development phases and represent the central meeting point - the heart - of the KEBA campus.

on the roof of the office areas, a 1km long running and exercise path with various training stations, as well as niches for meetings, rest and relaxation is created. the cooperation of all users is supported by the communication-promoting design measures that implement KEBA's corporate values.

in this way, an equal value of all work areas is provided in all areas and a strong networking of blue and white-collar workers is achieved.

finished2022 (competition, 2nd prize)
clientKEBA group AG
project architectjohannes zotter

adriana böck

vadim ghiorghiu

ursula konzett

magdalena maurer

jonathan paljor

hanna riedmann

zsuzsanna takacsy

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