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hidden treasure


the design connects the existing city garden with the tartu central park and extends it to the river to form a continuous urban forest area. the volume of the tartu downtown culture centre is placed in the middle of the existing park structure, with the aim of preserving as many existing trees as possible and further increasing biodiversity through reforestation. the new landscape design transforms vabaduse street into an encounter zone and integrates it harmoniously into the newly organized pathways. the same goes for the organically shaped ground floor, which draws visitor in from all sides of the park due to its transparency.

the upper floors are organized in a compact square body, to be able to react flexibly to the different requirements of the design task. the central heart to the building is the large atrium, which allows a variety of horizontal and vertical visual relationships across the different floors and thus creates a synergy from the different building sections and uses. generous roof glazing creates an open, light-flooded space that invites you to linger in the library and transports daylight to the lowest levels. four cones with a distinctive, identity-creating shape, form the supporting structure of the building and act as access and service zone.

the mirrored facade focuses on the surrounding green space. the building changes its external appearance with the seasons and offers its visitors, through the transparency of the fa├žade, a clear view of the constantly changing nature. the surrounding tree crowns serve as shade providers in summer and increase the well-being of the visitors at the same time.

completed (competition)2023
size27.700 m2
clienttartu city government
project architectgil cloos

claudia cikanek

julia hosner

michael voit

lena bosch

catherine zesch


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