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residential home with intensive greening and integration of a mobility concept

the building site forms a flat, elongated rectangle and runs from north to south. the facility provides for 2 main wings. each wing is made up of apartments that are arranged "back to back" along a continuous central wall.

in the middle a large, green courtyard creates a sense of village square. this “green center” forms the central communicative backbone of the system. all entrances as well as the staircases are orientated towards this community zone, which maximizes the number of encounters between the residents. the facility is open to the outside and thus enables contact with the neighborhood.

the apartments are put together like building blocks, which guarantees the highest possible efficiency. a large mix of different types of apartments can be found in the complex. the majority of the apartments have terraces or loggias. the floor plans are variable and the window areas are generously designed.

the façades facing the “green center” in the inner courtyard provide climbing aids and thus enable the vegetation to expand using climbing plants in the third dimension.

size11.000 m2
clientwbv-gpa wohnbauvereinigung für privatangestellte gemeinnützige gmbh
co-planerarchitekt moosmann zt-gmbh
project architect

robert haranza

zsuzsanna takacsy

teamsandor guba
leila hässig
dorota mariola wojciga
anne sauter
ann-kathrin milch
elena giberti
tugba kilic
johannes pilz
structural engineeringfranz kopinits zt
building physicsdr. pfeiler gmbh
HVAC / electricity planningbps engineering
landscape planningkräftner landschaftsarchitektur
photosdaniel hawelka