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living at the lake

the residential building lakeside is named after its location by the lake in the seestadt aspern. this special site influenced greatly querkraft’s design, which through a compact volumetry and the big cantilevering of the balconies allows a view of the lake from every unit.

the balconies are made of a single precast concrete element with a length of up to 3.30 meters, providing a generous open space and becoming the main design characteristic of the building’s appearance.

the rainscreen façade is made of corrugated metal sheets emphasizing the vertical linearity of this high rise and allowing for the integration of the rainwater downpipes in between the grooves.

the different volumes of the building are also characterized with different tonalities of grey and white. the space between them forms the single communication area, painted with an intense yellow and recognizable from the outside. every end of the corridors in this area there are fully glazed, providing light to the interior of the building.

the lower levels in front of the lake promenade form a plinth, in which the split-level communal spaces and playroom are located. the residential units in this area have the access from the street level on a duplex configuration. a ceiling height of 4 meters in the plinth allows a mix use of residential, commercial and offices, remaining flexible for future changes.

most of the residential units in the tower have double height living rooms up to 5.40m. this makes for a specially generous space with greater openness, bringing the outside into the living area.


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size9.040 m2
clientgünter kerbler/caroline palfy
cetus baudevelopment gmbH
developererste immobilien kag
project architectbence horvath
teamleila hässig
fabian kahr
magdalena süss
johannes zotter
daniel bobko
projekt leader (competition)gil cloos
team (competition)claudia cikanek
julia hosner
vincent szur
visualzationmiss 3
structural engineeringks ingenieure
hvac engineeringrhm
building physicsschöberl & pöll
electrical engineeringtb eipeldauer
landscape designkieran fraser landscape design
fire protectionröhrer
photo creditslukas schaller