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ddesign for a residential highrise at building site J5A at vienna's seestadt aspern

„living at the lake“ combines high efficency and quality. a single access core serves all apartments. all apartments at ground level can be accessed separately.

most of the apartments have a living area with double room height. this spatial quality is another advantage of the new residential tower right on the lake.
the house offers deep balconies for the apartments, as well as green terraces for the common areas. the large yard area enables an intensive green design.
the site has an incomparable bonus: the view of the lake. all (!) residential units in the tower enjoy a view of the water directly from the balconies and also from the access areas.

size9.000 m2
clientgünter kerbler/caroline palfy
cetus baudevelopment gmbH
project leaderbence horvath
teamleila hässig
fabian kahr
magdalena süss
johannes zotter
daniel bobko
projekt leader (competition)gil cloos
team (competition)claudia cikanek
julia hosner
vincent szur
visualzationmiss 3
structural engineeringks ingenieure
mep planningrhm
building physicsschöberl & pöll
electrical engineeringtb eipeldauer
landscape designkieran fraser landscape design
fire protectionröhrer