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green floes - the campus as a learning landscape



the linear but permeable concentration of the building volumes along the edges allows for a variety of spaces in the centre and embeds the existing structures into a holistic concept. by incorporating the surrounding paths, accessibility from all directions is guaranteed and the campus is closely linked to the urban space. on the inside, walkable green floes form a spatially diverse inner space. the smaller volumes interact with each other and provide a scale suitable for children. the campus heart and the creative house are located in the middle and form the identity-creating hub. thus, the common public functions are easily accessible for all.



between the buildings, several squares and coves of different sizes are created for various activities. an intensive tree layer integrating the existing trees provides sufficient shading for the open spaces. whether for outdoor classes, recreation areas or sports and play fields, outdoor access is guaranteed for all institutions. spacious roofed gardens are created on the central floes for further activity areas with fresh air. their scaffolding structure can be used flexibly as sun protection, trellis scaffolding, weather protection or energy roof (photovoltaic elements).


flexible cluster

the compact, simple buildings are realised in timber hybrid skeleton construction. the result is a robust, simple basic structure that allows countless combinations and arrangements of the institutions and can be individually adapted in consultation with the users. different functions can be combined to form larger areas as required. the flexibility and openness of the buildings promote exchange between students of all ages and support holistic learning.

completed (competition)2022 (honorable mention)
size35.000 m2

city ​​of frankfurt am main - office for building and living

project architectdominik bertl

philip baumann

klaus ladstätter

carolin macher

nikolas mihaljevic

lara schmitz

landscape designkieran fraser landscape design
visualizationpatricia bagienksi
model buildingGBM modellbau