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mixed use community home

draft for the “community home” wiener neustadt, a synergetic combination of nursing home, assisted living, kindergarten and subsidized housing, in wiener neustadt.

small functional groups form an urban ensemble and are based on the main access roads. a planned division of the property between the different uses is possible without any problems.

a permeable network of paths connects the area with the surroundings. a grading from public to private zones creates diverse open space qualities.

the common centre and the courtyards assigned to the groups promote communication. the spacious forecourt as a prelude to varied open spaces. in the centre, a shady grove and covered areas invite you to linger.

citywiener neustadt
size25.000 m2
clienthaus der barmherzigkeit

project architect

ursula konzett
project architect (competition)dominik bertl

guillermo alvarez

sonja mitsch
johannes zotter
michael voit
verena fessele
mei-lin fan

team (competition)fabian kahr
sahar mehrabani fard
magdalena süss