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interaction between public and private spaces

this project design includes not only terraced houses and apartment buildings but also an environment with small-scale development. the new park to be built is to be integrated into the new settlement.

people stay in the focus of its environment - the communicative, semi-public thoroughfare without cars has high priority for the residents of the settlement, therefore creating a more welcoming environment for the people living there. the terraced houses are positioned relative to one another in such a way that an intimate patio behind the living area offers the necessary privacy. all apartments in the multi-storey building will have spacious terraces with planters. great value was placed on the simplicity and flexibility of the floor plans.


size21.000 m2
wien süd
project architectrobert haranza
ulrich hagen
teamdomenik bertl
benjamin dix
robert haranza
karo hofer
lola rieger
markus vogl
marek snyrch
free spacequerkraft/land in sicht
photoslukas dostal