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jku campus expansion west

the house of schools forms a new attractive courtyard situation in the ensemble of the existing buildings and defines a clear border to the campus edge. the new buildings consider the existing axes as well as the stock of trees on the campus area. the existing main axes are integrated and continued. they thus form a clear system for future campus developments. by concentrating the volumes in the more central campus area, a large, coherent expansion area for future developments of the jku is provided. the house of schools can easily be extended at the buffer zone without creating windowless fronts. this makes it possible to build either building parts 1 and 2 or building parts 2 and 3 together. by keeping the existing parking space in the northwest, the car park can be reduced in size. in case of a future campus extension in the western area, the car park can easily be extended at the same time. due to the modular construction of the car park, it can also be converted in the future and can be used for leisure time activities by removing ceiling elements.

the flexible building structure of the house of schools creates space for various requirements. it is open for the following construction stages and allows future adaptations of use. a lively ground floor zone offers the possibility of different and flexible use. the generous passageway connects the ground floor not only with ground-level units, but also with the open atrium of the floors above and lecture halls, which extend down to the basement. this flowing space creates areas of communication and concentration, a lively learning landscape is created. this is also reflected on the outside through additive elements such as sun protection, climate buffer, pv panels, climbing plants etc.


6.860 qm HOS1

15.100 qm parking house
clientbundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbh - unternehmensbereich universitäten
project architectstefanie meyer

claudia cikanek

gil cloos

veronika felber

julia hosner

stefanie klocke

yannic kohnen

bernadette koller

klaus ladstätter

sonja mitsch

johanna sieberer

michael voit

projekt architect (competition)

gil cloos

julia hosner

team (competition)

vadim ghiorghiu

ivan jakaric

harris lazarides

MEP engineeringobkircher plus
integrated coordinationI-bau-engineering
building physicsingenieurbüro p. jung
fire protectionfirex greßlehner
structural engineeringwerkraum ingenieure
cost controlGZ engineering
landscape planningkieran fraser landscae design
visualization (competition)patricia bagienski
model building (competition)modellwerkstatt gerhard stocker