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for this project a skyscraper should be built next to the new vienna central station. the concept includes such elements as - group headquarters of the Austrian Federal Railways, other office space, a hotel, shopping and leisure areas, health center and many others.

we saw a problem: a new high-rise location - but not enough building height is possible to play an important role in vienna.

stacked, manageable units result in a building that reflect the modern structures of a company with flat hierarchies better than the vertical gesture of a skyscraper could. this highlights an important aspect - networking instead of hierarchy.

greenery is a vital aspect for projects like this, therefore important indoor and outdoor green spaces are created at the junctions.

completed2007 (competition)
size65.000 m2
clientöbb immobilien
österreichische bundesbahn
project architecterwin stättner
teamchristian wittmeir
ena lloret
matthew sofroniou
markus vogl