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in this project a foyer is to be added to a historic, listed ballroom in the form of a free-standing historic wooden building (!). however, respect for the old stock must be strictly maintained. the foyer can be attached far away by means of a transparent "umbilical cord" or alternatively buried underground. on the client’s side it is not seen as a problem: due to the sensitive structure of the building, the windows can never be opened!

the fear of architectural changes in historical buildings must not go too far. querkraft primarily respects people and their needs - in this case: celebrating lavish parties in an open ballroom. our suggestion opens up the object: the surrounding foyer guarantees a constant room climate for the sensitive hall and enables versatile uses for the coming decades.

completed2007 (competition)
size500 m2
project architectena lloret kristensen
teamcarmen hottiner
irina kroedt
marc remshardt
markus vogl
tamara jechnerer
charlotte lieske
structural engineeringwerkraum wien
hvac engineeringsynergie