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heinze architecture award for IKEA


our IKEA vienna westbahnhof was awarded best innovation at the 2023 heinze architecture awards.


the jury has the following to say:

"furniture stores are easy to recognize: they stand around as large blind boxes framed by endless parking spaces somewhere in a well-developed location in the commercial hodgepodge between DIY stores and large-scale distributors. you get swallowed up in them and spit them out hours later, slightly disoriented. the new ikea building at vienna west station by querkraft architekten is quite different: an open frame stands there as a new urban building block, perfectly fitted into the tight urban situation and as simply put together as a billy shelf. it has a lively fa├žade with a variety of visual connections from the inside to the outside and vice versa. the serving functions are embedded in a surrounding outer layer in order to create maximum freedom for the internal organization. what is cleverly conceived in the ground plan also serves the vertical permeability. the roof terrace is freely accessible to the public at all times via the inscribed open staircase. large, lushly planted pots occupy the front layer of space. the mix of uses is also innovative: on the upper floors, the retail space is supplemented by a hostel. a furniture store that can even be lived in? what sounds like a surreal dream has become reality here in the interplay of smart authors, unconventional developers and the city of vienna. congratulations on this great collaboration!"


we're very happy about this recognition.


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