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the plan award for HMC babyn yar holocaust memorial center


our design for the HMC babyn yar holocaust memorial center in kyiv has been awarded the 2022 award of renowned architecture magazine the plan in the future culture categorie.


in spite of the fact that the project is not going to be realized, we still think it can be an important statement and a steady reminder of the past. at it's core the building concept stands for democracy, learning from history and for a bright future. these are values and ideas we whish for the ukrainian people as well.


"the plan award is an annual international prize that recognizes excellence in architecture, interior design, and urban planning. with twenty different categories and over a thousand submissions every year, the plan award is an important opportunity for architects, designers, urban planners, and planners to participate in an international community and contribute to the discussion of the key issues affecting the industry today."


the winners were anounced at an evening event in milan on 11/17/2022.

we are very happy about this recognition



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