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EXPO at eins zu hundert


a working model of our EXPO pavilion is part of the exhibition eins zu hundert. the exhibition deals with the work with models in different contexts in the shop windows of studio steinbrener/dempf & huber.


"in the crises of this world, the facts are so multi-layered and complex that one can also speak of a crisis of understanding. models are a simplified depiction of reality and in this complicated situation they are of particular importance. models are not just synapses of understanding for the present, but also potential spaces for future scenarios.

models are used in science, engineering and humanities as well as in architecture and the fine arts. in the exhibition “eins zu hundert”, steinbrener/dempf & huber invite artists and architects to show how they deal with models. it is part of the exhibition concept to show contradictory positions and working methods with models."


the exhibition can be seen publicly from 06/20/22 until 08/20/22 in the shop windows of studio steinbrener/dempf & huber on the corner of glockengasse and rotesterngasse in vienna. it will be officially opened on 06/22/22 from 6:00 PM with a vernissage.


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