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rainbow for kivik art centre, sweden

the kivik art center works at the interface between the sculpture, architecture and nature. in the midst of southern swedish nature, art installations, e.g. by snohetta, david chipperfield, sol le witt and others should encourage visitors to try out different perspectives, let their thoughts flow and inspire.

a slightly sloping, hidden meadow, surrounded by large trees with a view of the sea - this place was chosen for querkraft’s installation.

a slender, shimmering silver construction extends over the slope. grows out of the meadow - rises to sink back into the green afterwards. querkraft's rainbow is delicate yet resilient and can be experienced on and below it, shimmering silver and yet pragmatic in its composition.

visitors of the installation can climb the rainbow, get a sublime view of the surroundings and then slide down again, regaining their connection to earth.

with a span of 15 meters and a width of 2.5 meters, the arch is also a place that offers protection. below there is enough space to protect yourself from rain, wind and sun, or simply to perceive the roof above.

the material - a functional yet poetic decision - conventional roof shells from industrial construction with a thickness of only 1.7 mm. these now have been expanded to include one further function. they create a rainbow for the kivik art center and thus create a resting place for dreaming, looking far and trying things out.

the performance artist willi dorner and the photographer lisa rastl try out the rainbow at the opening.

as human sculptures, artists interact with the installation, become part of it, expand and complement it, or create contrasts. the scenes of the performance, captured photographically, show the diversity and playability of the rainbow and hopefully inspire the visitors to interact with querkraft's rainbow.


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size15 x 2,5 m
clientkivik art centre
supportösterreichische botschaft stockholm
project architectandres perez
teamgard fintland
roof shells (sponsoring)peneder bau-elemente GMBH

alice schoolcraft

lisa rastl

performancewilli dorner