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village school siezenheim - our new meeting point


the urban planning break is reflected in the superimposition of different sized ground floor and first floor strcutures.


free space

the arrangement of the building volumes on the ground floor zones the property into four garden areas with different characters.

village square - music grove - playground - playing field



the open space design reacts with planting density and surface materials to the transition from public to school.

pedestrian and bicycle paths link the school to the southern part of siezenheim. noisy outdoor functions such as the playing field are arranged on the east side towards the barracks.



the assembly hall with the communal areas has the spatial qualities of an inner village lane.


village street

readable functional units structure the ground floor, whereby the auditorium can be coupled with the gym and the music school, thus emphasizing the public character of the school.


cluster bar

the arrangement of the clusters on the compact upper floor creates a safe learning landscape with an attractive view of the mountains.


spatial formation

skylights, atriums and loggias structure the cluster bar and provide a variety of lighting moods and differentiated room qualities.



the roof areas are intensively landscaped and provide ample space for the clusters. external stairs connect the terraces with the garden and serve as an escape route.



during a public event the gymnasium can be accessed together with the dining room and the event hall independently of the rest of the school.


learning landscape

direct closeness to the outside and varied zoning are characteristics of the clusters and creative areas.



the sports areas in the basement are directly connected to the open spaces in the garden and the forecourt through staircases.

size2.400 m2
project leaderdominik bertl

raffael stegfellner

ben stolz

alexandra torggler

ilinca urziceanu

rasha zeneddin

landscape designyewo landscapes
model buildingmodellwerkstatt gerhard stocker