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see and be seen

insertion + conciseness

the structure and gable design refers to regional building traditions - boat house. the striking tower ensures visibility from afar.



the building consists of individual gable volumes of different sizes, each with a readable function.


space formation

a weather-protected front area for arriving and waiting visitors is formed under the cantilever.



the restaurant offers views of both the lake and the mountain, the viewing tower offers an undisturbed panorama of the wolfgangsee.


seasonal operation

through the lookout tower as a public link, the restaurant and the museum can be accessed independently of the entrance hall.



the retreat of the front of the building together with the transparent hall creates a spatially appropriate entrance situation for the schafbergbahn.



the advantage of being oriented on both sides creates the prerequisite for an attractive location that can be used all year round.


observation tower

the waiting time for the next ascent can be bridged by visiting the observation tower and taking a first look at the mountain station.



the trip to the schafbergbahn comes to a worthy conclusion with a visit to the old steam locomotive on the inspection track in the museum.

cityst. wolfgang
size2.300 m2
clientskgb salzkammergutbahn
project architectbence horvath

dominik bertl

claudia cikanek

raffael stegfellner

ben stolz

model constructionmodellwerkstatt gerhard stocker