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spatial extension for an elementary school campus

draft for the extension of an elementary school, a new middle school and a vocational school.

integration of the new building into the campus structure and existing potential. The elementary school and vocational school are combined in one volume and stacked on top of each other. this makes synergies possible while at the same time unbundling the school types and functions.

the gymnasiums are spatially interlocked and partially buried. interesting visual relationships are created, which can also be prevented by curtains if necessary.

offer space for future developments: both in the area of ​​the school location and within the building. the grown campus is expanded by a compact 4-storey building. space is being created for an additional expansion stage for the fast-growing school locations in vienna. slightly larger break areas (approx. 300 square meters) for the vocational school as a sensible future investment, so there is the possibility of converting them to the new middle school with mufu zones.

clear basic structure – spatial diversity: the open structure of the reinforced concrete frame allows long-term changes and simple conversions.

the users should appropriate the building, shape it and fill it with life: the diverse subdivision of the floor plan into rooms and room zones enables a varied learning environment. furniture walls, seat windows, free classes, atria and courtyards offer the students and teachers space for creative development.


completed2016 (competition)
size11.000 m2
clientstadt wien
project architectdominik bertl
teamfranziska fritz
adrienn holnthoner
fabian kahr
modelgerhard stocker modellwerkstatt

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