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we encourage out team to make greater use of the opportunity to work from home.

we expect 20-40% less attendance in the office.

this also means reduced use of public transport.


we only participate in save meetings.

the number of attending people must be in relation to the size of the room, good ventilation, hygiene, etc.

we want to shift as many meetings as possible to video conferencing.


we try to keep more distance in the office and in the kitchen. we also encourage our team to make each others aware of this.

in addition, the large conference tables on the upper floor gallery can be used as dining tables during the lunch break.

internal meetings should also be held at the upper floor gallery if possible, so the workplaces can also be more loosely distributed.


all tables are wiped and disinfected after every meeting.

we constantly disinfect all shared utensils such as copiers, crayons, video tools, headsets, office laptops, but of course also the coffee machine, refrigerator handles, toilet door handles, etc.

we make sure to only touch our own pens, keyboard and computer mouse, not those of other team members.


if a team member tests positive, we immediately switch to home office operation.

we have ourselves tested and only return to the office with a negative test result.

if a positive case occurs around a team member, he or she stays at home and needs to be tested.

querkraft bears the costs for team member's tests.