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city walks at NB1 and NB8


this year's architecture days will take place from 06/07 to 06/08/2024.

the architecture days - austria's largest public event for architecture and building culture - are entering their twelfth round: from june 7-8th, the architecture houses are once again inviting visitors to discover the diversity of architectural creation in austria. under the motto ‘geht's noch? planning and building for a society in transition’, the architecture days 2024 combine current topics such as climate change, resources, ecology, economy, social issues and aesthetics."

as part of this event, city walks will be offered through vienna's nordbahnviertel district, during which two of our projects can also be visited. magdalena süss will give a tour through our NB1 living at nordbahnhof on 06/08/2024 from 10:00 AM and afterwards around our NB8 residential highrise taborama.


we look forward to welcoming many interested guests.


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