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facade greening - plants against climate change

"everyone is talking about climate change. if we don't act decisively, later generations will struggle with terrible consequences. cities in particular have to do something. unused facade areas can be part of the solution through greening. in our podcast we interviewed four experts on this topic.

rudi scheuermann, head of global building envelope design at arup, co-curated the exhibition “simply green - greening the city” at the german architecture museum in frankfurt am main. tobias fürst, project manager gkr hydro, has been greening buildings for a long time and advising companies on this topic.

jakob dunkl, co-owner of querkraft architects in vienna, is creating the vertical park of the IKEA furniture store in the middle of vienna together with his colleagues. also involved in the project is dr. bernhard scharf, technical director at green4cities and co-founder at greenpass. he explains how the plants on the facade are watered.

you can read the full interview in facade technology issue 1/21."