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destinction for EXPO VIP lounge at national award for design 2022


the VIP lounge in our EXPO pavilion at the EXPO 2020 dubai has been awarded a destinction at the austrian national award for design 2022 by the federal ministry for digital and economic affairs.


"the lounge extends over three of the 38 cones that make up the building and, as a gesture to the host country, is a modern interpretation of the typical arabic majlis - a place to sit together.

the central seating furniture made of CNC-milled plywood panels was designed by querkraft together with students from HTL mödling. the room is illuminated by the light installation 'EXPO 2020' by the artist brigitte kowanz, the interactive light installation 'LeveL' by the design studio mischer'traxler and the classic 'metropolitan' chandelier by lobmeyr. the central carpet, like the seat cushions, was designed by textiles zentrum haslach and are made from upperaustrian linen using a traditional process. the bronze lounge tables 'punto' were designed by austrian furniture and jewelry designer irene maria ganser. the furnishings are rounded off by tables and armchairs by ton and a bar counter designed by querkraft."


we are very happy about the recognition


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photos by andreas keller and valerie eccli