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baukulturführer about EXPO now available


the latest edition number 134 of the baukulturführer deals with our EXPO pavilion.

"the baukulturführer documents selected individual projects in a compact form. texts and photos are professional and informative and are aimed not only at a specialist audience, but also especially for lay people interested in architecture. the high-quality booklets in pocket format are more than a cost-effective architecture guide: they arouse interest in the project, communicate - without being a teacher - quality standards and background knowledge, provide information about facts and data.

the most important criterion for inclusion in the series is the quality of the building; there are no restrictions on the building types church buildings are documented as well as buildings for trade, work and living. social buildings and open space designs can also become the topic of a building culture guide. this should gradually provide an overview of the projects that have set quality standards for the building culture of the state."

the booklet is available on the publisher's website and in selected bookshops.


baukulturführer 134: austrian pavilion for expo 2020, dubai

format: 11.5 x 16.5 cm, size: 48 pages, stapled, published: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-948137-51-9, price: € 6.00, german & english


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