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lively, sustainable, multifaceted


textile belt

a continuation of the urban terraces as a fusion of buildings and landscape reinforces studio vlaystreeruwitz's original urban guiding principle.

horizontal stratification divides the total cubature into clearly legible, scale volumes.

by mix
the functional interlinking between living and business creates a hybrid city base - the "active" belt animates the social together.

urban climate
greening in many facets: flower meadow on the roof, potted plants in the loggias, green ribbon with planting hills, beds and trees, as well as facade greening on the base

the "active" belt
the open space landscape that is developing upwards is played out by special forms of living and common spaces:
apartments for child minders next to the toddler playground,
duplexes, in which one works for free space and lives privately on the upper floor. the communal kitchen with party room, the laundry room and a movement room complete the offer.

different public levels of freedom:
the communal kitchen serves as an interface between semi-public and in-house areas.
in-house spaces from the 2nd floor - semi-public open spaces on the 1st floor -
public passage in the ground floor

the lower base compared to the building plan with the three free volumes reduces the inner corners, reduces the pure north apartments and increases the number of attractive corner units.

private freedom
punctual, airy loggias / balconies with a clear view characterize the three floating bodies, incised loggias with green façades promise more security in the base.

city space
three transparent house entrances at the corners of the building contribute to address formation on the ground floor. at the passage from the laboratory to the inner courtyard, the soup bar and the repair cafe enliven the passage. the large retail spaces are arranged on the north railway road. the production school with upstream workshop garden ensures additional interaction with the surroundings.










36.000 m2



project architectguillermo alvarez

claudia cikanek
fabian partoll
diana perge

magdalena süss
kilian schaffer
ilinca urziceanu
mechthild weber

project architect (competition)

dominik bertl

team (competition)

claudia cikanek
simon beirle
timea hegedüs
sophie schaffer
ben stolz
elena thöni
alexandra torggler

mechthild weber



model building

modellwerkstatt gerhard stocker

landscape design

yewo landscapes

social sustainability