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giving people space

inner values ​​characterize the architecture! balconies and loggias give the residential towers an unmistakable identity, while the office towers shine with their conservatories that can be seen from afar. the frankfurt skyline lives from different, strong individual players.

the towers offer their users numerous places with outdoor space connections of a special quality:

the development cores are predominantly naturally lit and offer a view and orientation. skyspaces in the office towers form high-quality break rooms, thermally conditioned and intensively naturally ventilated. these and small break balconies on each floor are special places for a quick break, just a minute away from any workplace.

balconies and loggias in the two residential towers are designed differently and equipped with effective wind protection. a high quality of stay is also achieved in urban outdoor spaces through effective protection against downdrafts: with a spacious open zone in the entrance area and a wind-protected set-back facade, with meandering loggias or pronounced horizontal structure through surrounding balcony bands.

the borrowed motive of a living natural landscape is consistently laid over all horizontal surfaces and becomes the carrier of a differentiated, urban open space.

viewed from above, the motive remains as an overall picture.

completed2017 (competition)
size217.000 m²

gross & partner gmbh

project architectgil cloos
teamclaudia cikanek
fabian kahr
christina marginean
magdalena süss
fábián villány
structural engineeringbollinger grohmann schneider zt gmbh
hvac engineeringinegnieurbüro p.jung gmbh
fire protectionhhp süd beratende ingenieure gmbh
landscape architectskieran fraser landscape design eu
model makinggerhard stocker modellbauwerkstatt
videochristoph hofbauer