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querkraft at heinze architektour


as part of this year's heinze architektour-lectures on 08/31/2023 in berlin, karoline brandfellner will present our ideas and thoughts. the keynote with the title emotional sustainability - beloved architecture lives longer starts at 4:30 PM on stage A at rathenau halle.


"karoline brandfellner, longtime employee of querkraft architekten, tells why the building of the world's first car-free IKEA has a fanclub and why the austrian EXPO pavilion made sense.
90% of our everyday life here in central europe is spent in buildings, they influence our perception, our behavior, our well-being. their effect on our everyday life should not be underestimated. using two concrete projects, karoline brandfellner explains why emotional sustainability is so important to querkraft, where the human aspect comes into play and why the small, subtle "imperfections" ultimately make a project special.


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photos by marcus jacobs